A black and white image of a woman dancing with a striped shawl in a vast desert landscape and an ocotillo

Dispatch № 027

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A man and woman sit in the door of a small wooden teardrop shaped trailer.

Dispatch № 026

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A woman stands atop a boulder wearing a handwoven striped blanket, in a majestic mountain valley

Dispatch № 025

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A collage image of a pregnant woman in mirror image, photographs of milkweed grass and a full moon

Dispatch № 024

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A house with corrugated metal front with many windows, a blue silver sunset reflecting in them, and seen above.

Dispatch № 023

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A marble stone with metal wedges on narrated into drilled holes cracking and breaking the surface of the stone

Dispatch № 22

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A birds eye view of a woman reclining on a rock outcropping wearing a rainbow handwoven cloak.

Dispatch № 20 - Acknowledging Cycles

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A deep red orange moon rises behind thick grey smoke and the silhouette of a mountain

Dispatch № 19 - Eclipse

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two people wear green, white, purple and pink fabric sculptures. One hangs from grey fabric, the other is on the ground.

Dispatch № 18 - Moon Shapes

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A black and white portrait of a woman laying with closed eyes on a rug with balls of yarn, holding a ball of yarn in fron.

Dispatch № 17 · New Season & New Customs

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