In the desert, we experience a dichotomy of seasons—summer and winter—where our lives intertwine with the rhythm of migrating birds and the cyclical dance of falling leaves and budding blossoms. This year, autumn has extended its stay, offering a leisurely transition from the warmth of summer to the crisp embrace of winter. The trees, instead of succumbing to an early freeze, have gracefully transformed, displaying hues of golden yellow, fiery red, and caramel brown—it is glorious.

Just now the birdbath is frozen solid for the first time since February with a layer of ice, the sweet little finches, sparrows and doves are beaking the sun-warmed edges of their frozen pond for a little morning drink. Gratefulness and inspiration are running deep at this time of year.

Jeannie has been weaving on a large all organic cotton-linen piece, the richness of color and contrast of light are flowing into the windows of her studio and directly onto the loom. The piece that is in process now is being woven of both a warp and weft of organic cotton-linen and will be up for sale once it is finished.

Four photos in a grid, two of the brown, orange, red and yellow leaves of fall, two of a loom with a weaving in progress, woven in diamond pattern in the same colors as the leaves
Fall Colors drawn inside and onto the loom in this all organic cotton-linen piece

We are now less than a week away from the 12th anniversary of us moving to Truth or Consequences. The grand opening party of our new gallery space has been moved to February 24th 2024. In honor of our 12th anniversary, and in an effort to make some room in our new space, we are having a SALE on our web store for the month of December (and in the gallery if you come in person). Enter the code CYCLES ay checkout for 12% off your purchase. We hope you can find a painting, print or piece of adornment for yourself or someone you love.

Two panels of photographs of the same women wearing a tan leather jacket and black knit outfit. The photo on the left os closer, the one on the right is farther away
Jeannie wears a black tourmaline, Mexican turquoise, blue chalcedony and amethyst necklace in Truth or Consequences Contemporary

Translating Topography.

Sunset with a silhouetted mountain range and dramatic spirally type cloud situation.
Black Range
A painting of a red square with a orange-red frame on a pink-red background.
An oil painting of turtleback mountain with spindly diagonal clouds in the sky.
Turtleback Mountain

long autumnal light
lingering in shadowy brilliance
faded colors lightly luminous
rocks and pebbles almost effervescent
trees colorfully approaching slumber
forms refinding angulatory definition
colors acquiescing!
the forms remember
after everything again changes.

A painting of of a triangle subdivided into 9 traingles in pink, yellow, green and grey tones.
Mulberry Leafs Fallen
An oil painting of a big round deeply folded green squash centered and taking up most of the frame.
A Wild Squash
A hexagon of triangles in yellow, green, red, orange, beige and gray on a gray background.

Thank you for joining us again for this dispatch.

A photo of the sky with clouds and trees silhouetted on each side of the picture.
December 1st