We invite you to come along for this journey as we sketch the outlines of form from our minds into being and find solid tangible creations we don't even know about.

This project is in the idea sketchbook phase.  It's raw and fresh.  Impermanent and imperative.  But that is interesting in it's own, and we've decided to start here and share the whole process instead of hiding this mess away only to emerge with a shiny finished object.  

We have outlined our projects and areas of focus for 2022 in Dispatch № 15.

Please join us for this strange journey.  There are many ways to do so:

  1. Subscribe.  Add your email to our list and get our full moon and new moon emails directly in your email inbox.  

2.  Tell your friends.  We want this ember to grow into a fire.  So share this once in a while with like minded beings and together we can be warmed by the flames.

3.  Become a sustaining member, that is, pitch in $10 a month to help us realize these art projects. Patronage of the arts has a long and storied history, once the domain of only the ultra rich, and our interconnected modern world allows everyone to become a true patron of the arts.  

Sustaining Members

Sustaining members make this project possible.  Your support is what enables us to create these experiments and share them with the world.  Thank You.

In 2022 we look forward to offering better rewards to our sustaining members.  To date we have mostly just offered exclusive chances to purchase work and added chances to "win" random draws for work.  This year we will begin to create a wonderful group of rewards for our sustaining members.

So for 2022 the member perks will start out as follows (and we will add more goodness to this list as the year progresses):

  • Sketchbook - A members only email list.  We will always release all of our finished content for free on the web.  As a perk to our members we will begin sending out emails with in progress work, ideas, surveys, behind the scene glimpses, sharing recommendations and asking for feedback.  
  • A hefty discount on our to be published book.  We will start publishing small books each year on various topics.  This year will be our first experiment into creating in book form, we will release an intimate volume about our years of creating together.  Sustaining members will be able to purchase this book at cost.
  • Exclusive access to certain collections of work and chances to have custom slots.  A few times a year we release work only to paying members in the form of random draws.  No member is guaranteed to win but as there are many, many less paying members than in normal draws the chances of winning are very high.
  • Better odds on random draws.  Sustaining members currently get 3x the number of entries for the random draws of Jeannies work.  We are working on a system to make this even better in the future which you can read about below in the Random Draw Experiment.

If you would like please join the ranks of our members.

The Random Draw Experiment

Kyle, with all his computer wizardry, is working in 2022 on a system to revamp the random draw process for Jeannie's work.  This past year paying members have received 3 times the votes when entering into a random draw.  This year we want to initiate a system whereby paying members get their votes multiplied by the number of months they have been paying members.  

In this new system paying members odds of winning will be much higher than in the current system.  Each month the odds will increase further.  Once a person "wins" a draw then their counter will restart to 1 and again continue to grow by 1 each month they are members.

The inspiration behind this is that overtime paying members will almost all certainly "win" a random draw. The longer you are a member the more certain this becomes.  After winning you restart the process all over and in time will have enough accrued voting power to almost certainly win again.

We feel this is the fairest way we can imagine to reward our paying members and also keep the hope of winning a random draw alive for all.  

With this intention in mind Kyle will try to write a small program to automate this process. Automation is the hold up on instigating this system as doing this manually is just too much work, but he is quite confident this is possible.

Hopefully by spring time we will have this up and running so if you would like to benefit the most from this new system please signup to be a paying member now.  

What We Do

What is it we do with the support from members?

We make work which has no financial viability but feels necessarily imperative to be created.  

We think of our sustaining members as patrons of the arts.  You are helping to create these new experiments, together we bring them into the world.  

Art patronage has a storied past but it is often the purview of the ultra rich.  Likewise there are many foundations established to support non commercial work but this too is the home of gatekeepers whom determine just what gets created.

Our membership program instead allows anyone whom is interested in seeing more of this work exist in the world support it for the cost of a coffee and a really good scone.  Together we can move art forward and help create a beacon of inspiration for all to share.