A picture of golden yellow soap berry trees in the evening light silhouetted agains the deep blue sky.

Dispatch № 033

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a close up photo of a loom in bright sun with a fine thread warp of natural white and dark brown

Fall Customs

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Handwoven many-colored pile woven churro wool wall hanging sculpture

Dispatch № 032

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A woman in a black dress stands on large rocks wearing a handwoven naturally dyed grey, brown and white shawl

Fall Equinox & The Beginning of New Cycles

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An experimental guitar sits on a hardwod floor next to a painting of clouds emitting lightning bolts against a white wall.

Dispatch № 031

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A photo of the night sky filled with stars. In the center foreground is an adobe gate illuminated from the right.

Dispatch № 030

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Rainbow and black handwoven fabric and a white marble sculpture in dramatic sunlight

Simple Joys Handwoven Art Yardage

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a long length of handwoven fabric in deep reds, purple, pink and orange is stretched across a blue sky

Two New Weavings

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A woman in a black dress stands on a stool in a small studio room with weaving tools all around

Custom Spot

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A brilliant waxy pink cactus flower fills the foreground into the back recedes dry grass, cactus and desert mountains

Dispatch № 029

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