A woman in a black dress stands on a stool in a small studio room with weaving tools all around

Custom Spot

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A woman is up on a red ladder in a huge white gallery space, white floor, ceiling and walls, with a red door at the back

Dispatch № 028

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A group of paintings hangs in two parrallel rows on a white gallery wall with a sculpture.

Future Capacitor

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18 framed works by Jeannie Ortiz and Kyle Parker Cunningham hang on a gallery wall.

Mycelium Mysterium

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An art gallery with paintings on the wall and a long piece of handloom fabric hanging from the ceiling.

Fresh off the Loom

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Woman standing with two large weavings, one blue, one pink and brown, in a large gallery space

Two Handwovens Available

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A gallery with many people enjoying the art.

Art Hop December 2021

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A woman stands in the middle of the frame between two handwoven textiles hanging from the celing.

Desert Soul & Blues

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Two cloaks are installed on manequins with weavings hanging from the ceiling and paintings on the wall.

Perception & Leaf Cape

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Numerous paintings arranged on a gallery wall. The paintings are both abstract and  future technologies.

Once Creatures Existed

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