Hello, I hope that you are having a lovely Sunday.

I now have TWO woven pieces that are avaiable for sale.  One will be sold via random draw, the other (to try something new) via silent auction.

Blues Handwoven Art Yardage will be sold via silent auction. This piece was woven  on a warp of organic cotton-linen with a weft of hand dyed raw silk, it is 4.8m in length with hand twined fringe on each end.  To see all the information and to enter, see this link - https://forms.gle/9DWb7WcYQTXhsJ6z8

Desert Soul is the shorter piece shown above.  This piece was woven on a warp of organic cotton-linen with a weft of naturally dyed raw silk.  The dyes used were sandalwood and black walnut leaves and fruits.   It is 2.3m in length with hemmed ends.  This piece is being sold via random draw. You can see all of the details, and enter here - https://forms.gle/TaH19tMPZBwXUgjZA

Blue and white handwoven fabric laid out on the ground
Blues Handwoven Art Yardage
Woman wearing a green dress wearing a brown and salmon pink shawl in the desert with mountains and cactus in the background.
Desert Soul Handwoven Art Yardage

You are welcome to enter both the auction and the draw if you would like.

***Once again, sustaining members of Intentionally Confusing will have their name entered 3x if they enter the random draw for Desert Soul.  So, if you are a sustaining member please be sure to use the same email so that I can make sure to get you the extra entries.

Thank you all so vey much for your support of my work!

Happy Holidays to you, wherever in the world this may find you.

All the best, Jeannie