A large piece of handwoven fabric in shades of brown, cream and white rests on a dark wood floor

Harmony Handwoven Art Yardage Random Draw

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Two handwoven works of art, one rainbow and totally fringed, one subtle grey-blue and chartreuse on display in a gallery

I'd love to send you a card

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A white colored female formed mannequin wears a necklace of smooth green stones and white glass beads

12 Is a Good Number.

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A woman in a black dress stands on a stool in a small studio room with weaving tools all around

Custom Spot

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A detail of handwoven silk fabric in soft rainbow striped shades, naturally dyed, being held in a desert landscape

Two Weavings

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A woman in a brown and tan sweater stands in a sandy desert landscape wearing a shawl

Sweet Darkness Random Draw

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