Kyle Parker Cunningham opened a new show in October 2021 entitled Once Creatures Existed. This collection of paintings is the first preview of a new body of work exploring the tolls humanity is taking on our planet earth as well as celebrating the beauty of each human life.  

He writes:

Geological moments from now nature will  absorb our technology in order to survive the world we are creating. Detritus of failed space colonization experiments become breathing apparatus for migrating cranes who cannot otherwise tolerate the pollution.  Clever human GMO tricks are repurposed to help creatures adapt and evolve at an alarming pace. Mutual aid rules the day in this world as sea creatures ferry dying trees to save atolls now unreachable to human endeavors.

More about this show is available on his website:

Once Creatures Existed
Ruminations on the ever present world unfolding right before us. read more October 2021 - January 2022 Desert Archaic Truth or Consequences, New Mexico twenty three paintings (in order from left to right, top to bottom) nana cyclum lunarem triangle there once was ice here migratory scavengers trans…