We continue westward, freshly showered, full of cherry pie from the local diner and happily away from the cottonfields of Safford towards the mining town of Morenci. The trail description on the GET website reads as follows:

The Old Safford-Morenci Trail follows a former trade route between the two towns from which it finds its name. The GET follows quiet, viewful dirt roads and washes north of Safford to join this BLM-administered historic trail in the high desert Gila Mountains of Arizona, where developed singletrack trail, old roads, and cairned drainage courses make for interesting, remote, and highly varied trekking. Colorful box canyons lead into and out of the secluded riparian corridor of Bonita Creek about half way along, and beyond the route climbs to Bellmeyer Saddle, a scenic grassy expanse at 6000 feet in elevation. Descending to Eagle Creek in its rugged, winding gorge - prime bighorn sheep country

Kyle pumping/filtering water from a tank, fed by the croaking windmill. Into the background the PinaleƱos fade into the sunset.

On water filtration