Heavy clouds dropping rain from full bellies bring forth moss, overgrown berry bushes, decomposing logs and ephemeral springs. Slowly at first and then all at once the mushrooms appear and we head out in search of marvelous fungal fruits hiding in a happy forest. These are our summer friends, some we have known so long they have become part of our family and with others we are just becoming acquainted.

The work of a forager is that of curiosity and appreciation.  The mycelium brings to us a bounty to nourish our human form with their ancient wisdom and nutrients; even the simple act of finding them is medicine for the soul. We patiently walk the forest investigating the most improbable nooks so we might continually be surprised by the delights we find. Collecting choice specimens to bring home and prepare for a meal, dry for the long winter to come or to be used to dye yarn for our weaving art.  Every mushroom is a good mushroom and each is loved and adored with awe.