Flowers Blossoming
Wings sailing grassland oceans
Prairie touches sky

A world apart. A world below. A world in between.  

We find clouds and outcroppings to sooth our souls and save our minds. This place out here on the edge of the prairie where the sky reaches down from it’s lofty heights and touches the earth. The prairie. The all being.

We float and follow oceans of grasses and flowers with birds and butterflies manifesting a path towards water and life.  Island outcroppings provide shelter for any and everyone unfolding into mega cities for creatures tiny, yet truly robust. Here and there water springs forward with shear surprise and astonishment, life evolves.

Out here at the edge of the horizon we find what we are looking for and forget a year of chaos and uncertainty and a climate that is confused and tired. Existentially absorbed with the soil and the strange bugs emerging from seemingly everywhere. Lost in the clouds floating aimlessly just above our finger tips.

The first leg of this journey acted as a decompression from the human world and it’s calamities.  We found solace on the prairie of Wyoming under that hot July sky. Shade became the forefront of importance; life settled into the routine of the earth; sunrise, sunset, night and day.  We climbed these outcroppings imagining big prairie teeth macerating the sky.  We made art and gathered plants to dye with and foraged yummy snacks from the diverse and bursting flora.  We painted and filmed and danced and slept and remembered that so often simple chores are better than the most sublime technological gizmo of tomorrow.

The prairie gave way to the Great Plains.
The sky got further away yet more expansive.
Wyoming slipped into Montana.

Now we are visiting the mountains where Kyle was raised - the Little Belt Mountains in Central Montana. Visiting family and friends and hoping for rain to fall on this parched piece of densely timbered earth. Tonight’s moon will be bright red orange as it rises in the nook of King’s Hill pass.  As with so many things in life it will be beautiful and completely terrifying at the same time.

After our time in the prairie living cycles astronomical we find ourselves again engaged fully with our collective reality: a fire retardant air drop tanker airplane just flew inches over our heads.   We sit on our friends porch and a large fire is burning 8 miles away while a new start is only 1.5 miles away and four other fires started yesterday in the area. A huge fire camp has already assembled just down the road with crews from all over the country on hand.  A ragged army preparing for an ominous looming battle.

We move forward with the investigations into this new project, finding ways and discovering motivations, following unanswered questions, renaming realities and restoring intentions. Everyday brings new works and new beginnings. Slower quiet moments culminating in momentous magic. Intense sun illuminating answers.

A couple of small announcements:

These dispatches will be monthly on the full moon for the near future. We want to take more time on each of these and make them what we imagine them to be - but these stories take time to flesh out and we want to learn the process of doing so perfectly instead of creating a massive volume. Quality over quantity.

Very soon we will hit send on the first Sketchbook page to paid supporters of this project.  These notes will become more frequent as we find a rhythm.  The sketchbook will be just that - the works in progress, the ideas and sketches and raw ephemera.

This intentionally confusing project is still in it's infant stages and we thank you for coming along for the ride.  

Scenes now from our recent time out on the prairie.

A camp in a hollow by a spring in the Aspen.
Looking south towards the rain. 
A big rock molar macerating the sky. 
The endless back roads of the open spaces on the map.
Equisetum (likely E. laevigatum) (Horse Tail)
Rocky Foothills
Leccinum Insigne (Aspen Bolete)
As yet unidentified.
Penstemon strictus (One Sided Penstemon)
A snake we don't know but would like to be friends with. 
Dodecatheon Alpinum (Shooting Star)
Castilleja Indivisa
A camp and a rainbow up high on the edge of the Wyoming Prairie.