This morning we departed, finally. On the road after months of planning and weeks of packing and preparations.  The garden is ready to brave a summer on it's own.  The birds are eyeing our fruit trees with glee knowing we won't be there to compete with them for the fruit.  Our studios are tucked in and dormant for a summer, ready for the rush of activity fall will bring when we return energized and inspired again for another year of creation.  

This year is our tenth year since living and making art full time on the road.  We are oh so excited to return to the open spaces and nature and be influenced again fully by the ways of the universe, small humans under a big sky.

This intentionally confusing project too, now, finally gets it's sea legs.  We are oh so excited to step onto the creative path as we focus our energy fully towards creating for this space. We cannot wait to share with you what we have been dreaming up; movement and dying, exploration and painting, climbing and weaving, filming and drawing.

Today we take a moment to look back to our life 10 years ago, living out a teardrop trailer we made with our own hands.  Jeannie learned how to weave in that year and Kyle found his voice in his painting.  As that year drew to a close we settled in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico where we have made art constantly for the past decade.  

Our current camper incorporates pieces of wood salvaged from the teardrop trailer we built in the movie above.  Jeannie is using some of the same loom tools she used a decade ago and Kyle is using his same painting setup. A cycle has been completed and we find ourselves here yet again staring out to nature asking for guidance on how to live the next decade of our lives.

Summer is here.  
The moon is full.  
Art is more necessary than ever.
Love is effervescent.  
Nature will guide our path.