Another cycle of the full moon.  

Soon we are at the summer solstice which always feels more like the start of a new year than the winter solstice for us. This brings forth reflection of the past and excitement for the future. We hope you are all well and enjoying the start of a new season, we both are for sure.  

We have for you two short films to enjoy this month.  

The first "Acknowledging Cycles" contemplates exploring the arc of time etched upon the places we exist.

acknowledging cycles

Our second film "Watch Water Flow - Upper Roaring Fork" is a close up meditation upon the edges of water and stone of the upper Roaring Fork River. This film is the start of a new series we will be creating, meditations on places we exist over the years of our lives.  Taken as a collection these glimpse the world around us and will form a body of work quietly contemplating change and stasis as time spans.

watch water flow - upper roaring fork

Until next month,

Jeannie and Kyle