Welcome to our new project, an incubator for experimental art and research.  We are launching this as a lifelong project into researching new ways to support and fund necessarily creative endeavors.  

We hope you will join us as a member and if you like what we do become a supporting member with a small monthly/yearly contribution.

2020 was crazy and this is why we are doing this.  

Certainly that is the simplistic answer.  

The bigger answer is that we are compelled to do this project; it is necessary for us to undertake this right now even though it makes no sense to do so.

In that comes the name, this project is intentionally confusing from the start.  We are upending our lives and casting aside everything we have worked to build up for the last 10 years and embarking on a whole new path.

Casting aside the past is not at all the right image to use here though, as we are using all we've learned in the previous decade to inform a new way forward.

We are fully continuing in our old ways, but now augmenting them with projects we have to create.

These projects are abstract and unknown to us yet.  We have to set out and find them, quest, journey, explore and let the end creations find us and bring them into existence.

The real answer is this project is an investigation into new ways to fund art projects.  Projects which have no commercial value, they are not sell able, they are not for sale, they are not for galleries or high art places.  These projects are for everyone and we want to fund them by everyone.  

We realize this is not a great explanation.  We are working on a better explanation, and it too, will appear here as if by magic, here. Black glyphs on a white background.

For now we have thoughts and dreams to ruminate on.  A new project, confusion, and a mind singularly focused on crazy art projects.