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We invite you to come along for this journey as we sketch the outlines of form from our minds into being and find solid tangible creations we don't even know about.

The project is in the idea sketchbook phase.  It's raw and fresh.  Impermanent and imperative.  But that is interesting, in it's own, and we've decided to start here and share the whole process instead of hiding this mess away only to emerge with a shiny finished object.  

We hope you will come along for this strange journey.  There are many ways to do so:

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2.  Tell your friends.  We want this ember to grow into a fire.  So share this once in a while with like minded beings and together we can be warmed by the flames.

3.  Become a sustaining member, that is, pitch in $10 a month to help us realize these art projects. Patronage of the arts has a long and storied history, once the domain of only the ultra rich, and our interconnected modern world allows everyone to become a true patron of the arts.  

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